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News: 09/22/2017

NEW FEATURE: safe view - get rid of the adult content

NEW FEATURE: safe view - get rid of the adult content

Many of you contacted me they are annoyed by adult photos being shown when you don't want them. As of today I'm introducing new feature which allows blocking display of adult photos while browsing TL website.

This means following for ALL accounts:

  • profile photo - it must NOT contain full nudity, exposed genitalia or pornography.
  • gallery photo - if photo contains full nudity, exposed genitalia or pornography you must check "Mark photo as adult"

Only your photos are allowed, profiles with photos from web will be blocked.

How can I switch the display from safe to NSFW and vice versa?

In user menu click Settings -> Account and check/uncheck "Display adult content" checkbox and save the settings.

How does the adult content show if "Display adult content" is unchecked?

Thumbnails show very blurred with "18+" over the image. If opening the full-size image you get first a warning asking you if you really want to open it.

What about your existing photos?

The following changes must be applied till November 30th 2017 or your account might be blocked or even removed:

  • if your profile photo is NSFW you must change it to a compliant one
  • if your gallery photo is NSFW you must flag it as adult: "Mark photo as adult content"

What photos are completely forbidden?

Web images, cartoons or memes or any underage/racist or otherwise illegal content. If the photo doesn't show you it doesn't belong to TL. Accounts using fake photos will be removed.


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Important information

I created this website for people who want to participate in transgender related world. You are encouraged to use all features of the website.

Please note, this site currently doesn't allow any explicit / nude images! While you can still publish sexy photos, any explicit photo will be deleted without a notice. So keep it sane please.

For those who want to publish erotic photos, a new feature will come that will allow showing such images only to users who wish so (a setting in your profile).