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News: 03/24/2015

Show your love, donate to Tranny Ladies

Show your love, donate to Tranny Ladies

If you like Tranny Ladies, you can show your love / support by anonymous donation via Bitcoins.

How to donate

You can do a completely  safe and anonymous donation via bitcoins. Send your donation to bitcoin address: 196QZ3LgUHscqPyWvXMPUNLYLkKZfp8F4J
You can also use the QR code in your Bitcoin phone application:

TrannyLadies QR bitcoin address

Why should I donate?

  • you may simply like Tranny Ladies and would like to keep the project  alive :)
  • please note, this site is only my hobby. Your donation can help me to spend more time on site maintenance, improvements, write more articles and prepare more events.
  • current sponsor banners barely pay for hosting, not speaking of adding new features

What are donations for?

  • hosting fees
  • development fees
  • maintenance

What are the future plans for Tranny Ladies?

Mobile friendly website

Current website is not very friendly on mobile devices. Rebuilding the whole template and add functionality features for mobile is a huge task involving at least 70-120 hours in my estimate. But the result will pay off. Easier navigation, intuitive layout, and friendly UI - Tranny Ladies mobile wherever you go.

Regular updates of events worldwide

Events section features events worldwide, but all these events need to be researched and manually added. Time demanding, but I think it allows community to connect.

Tranny friendly places

I plan to add a whole section "Places". It will be listing of bars, hotels, restaurants, clubs, etc. and rating / reviews of each place. It will be a great place to find friendly places and share you experience with others.

Are your a donor?

If you already made a donation and would like to to be listed on this page, please let me know the transfer ID (anonymous  tag) and I will list you here. 

Thank you for being part of Tranny Ladies and supporting it.
Best regards, Betty


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Important information

I created this website for people who want to participate in transgender related world. You are encouraged to use all features of the website.

Please note, this site currently doesn't allow any explicit / nude images! While you can still publish sexy photos, any explicit photo will be deleted without a notice. So keep it sane please.

For those who want to publish erotic photos, a new feature will come that will allow showing such images only to users who wish so (a setting in your profile).