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News: 09/29/2016

NEW FEATURE: Comfy photo viewing, photo swipe for mobiles & tablets

NEW FEATURE: Comfy photo viewing, photo swipe for mobiles & tablets

Browsing galleries of users is now much more convenient: photo page reloads only the image and comments, not the whole page. And that's not all - if you are using mobile or tablet you can use swipe gesture for the next/previous photo.

To use photo swipe, just swipe over the photo while viewing photos of chosen TrannyLadies member. iPone users, please beware: swipe only over the picture,  swiping from very left or right (edge of the screen) is used by iOS for back/forward browser history.

In case you experience any problems, don't hesitate to contact me.


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For those who want to publish erotic photos, a new feature will come that will allow showing such images only to users who wish so (a setting in your profile).