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  • so hübsch, so tolles profil
  • Hi Betty! I’ve been a CD for 60+ years. My wife of 53 years died 3 months ago; I miss her so. She didn’t want to be part of my Crossdressing, so Cindy stayed in the closet. But now I’m retired and widowed, and I want to let Cindy out of the closet. I’d like to meet other mature CDs near me--say within 300 miles (~480km); Texas is big! I've updated my profile to reflect my new circumstance. I hope to hear from other TrannyLadies from Texas. I'll let you know how I do.
  • I'd love to know your Psych speciality, as the whole topic fascinates me. Having worked with Engineers, IT Professionals, and now Theatre and Musician Geeks; I'm finding that my communication skills are being stretched. But I'm also fascinated as to how each group takes and needs to be given information.
    Hope we can converse even on this, I'm a writer so well within my comfort zone, so thank you for the invite.

    Peter (last time I promise)
  • I haven't been to the Ballet for a while as my Dance partner, met a man and Married him, and while I go to the theatre and movies alone I can't do so for Opera or Ballet (I'm not sure why, maybe you might have some insight?).

    Peter (Again)
  • Hi Betty
    I'd love to chat away. We have a love of dance in common, and having moved on from the IT world, gone into the world of Theatre. Business/ Systems Analyst to Playwright.
    Currently working on a Steampunk Zombie Musical, a Margaret Rutherford Bio (one-woman play, a Commedia Dell'arte set on a New Zealand beach holiday, and finally a story set in late 50's early 60's love story using Crooners and Rock Music to emphasize the changing plot.
  • Ďakujem vám
  • Ahoj Betty, mas velmi pekne galerie a velmi ta obdivujem. Super projetk tento web.....
  • Yes I thank you very much for the new friendship here .. I am new here .. Still bit anxious ..
  • hi, thank you for your invitation, all compliments to you for how you present t girls in the world kissss roxy
  • Hello Betty, I have a youtube channel where girls video post crossdreseers from their photos, I would love to make a video and post on my youtube channel, you are very beautiful !!!
    See the channel and videos of several girls that have already posted.
  • stastne a vesele vianoce ti zelam betty :)
  • Hi Betty, Thank you for the site. I just signed up. You look truly amazing. If i ever get to Prague I must look you up.
  • Hi Betty,

    Nice to meet you face to picture. Happy New Year

  • I'm in Prague
    want to meet?????
  • Nice Profile and Lovely Website Well Done!
  • Dokonala ;-) :-*
  • Ahoj Betty, mas moc krasne fotecky, a taky pekny usmev. Eva
  • Super stranka,nie len tato ale aj Tvoja osobna,veľká vďaka
  • Hello! I love your look!
  • very sexy girl , love you darling xxxx
  • Velka vdaka za rady o depilacii make-up e a dalsich na tvojej stranke .
  • Thanks you Betty :)

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