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  • Príjemna a milá dáma
  • Great Pics Betty. I'm in your part of the world. Love to get to know you better!
  • Yes I thank you very much for the new friendship here .. I am new here .. Still bit anxious ..
  • hi, thank you for your invitation, all compliments to you for how you present t girls in the world kissss roxy
  • Hello Betty, I have a youtube channel where girls video post crossdreseers from their photos, I would love to make a video and post on my youtube channel, you are very beautiful !!!
    See the channel and videos of several girls that have already posted.
  • stastne a vesele vianoce ti zelam betty :)
  • Thank you for the friend request , I had forgotten my password. I was out in Cardiff last week and was treated as a woman by other women in the restuarant and even though chatting so a very good feeling. I may be over 60 but its still nice to pass.
  • Hi Betty, Thank you for the site. I just signed up. You look truly amazing. If i ever get to Prague I must look you up.
  • Hi Betty,

    Nice to meet you face to picture. Happy New Year

  • I'm in Prague
    want to meet?????
  • Nice Profile and Lovely Website Well Done!
  • Dokonala ;-) :-*
  • Ahoj Betty, mas moc krasne fotecky, a taky pekny usmev. Eva
  • Super stranka,nie len tato ale aj Tvoja osobna,veľká vďaka
  • Hello! I love your look!
  • very sexy girl , love you darling xxxx
  • Velka vdaka za rady o depilacii make-up e a dalsich na tvojej stranke .
  • Thanks you Betty :)

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I created this website for people who want to participate in transgender related world. You are encouraged to use all features of the website.

Please note, this site currently doesn't allow any explicit / nude images! While you can still publish sexy photos, any explicit photo will be deleted without a notice. So keep it sane please.

For those who want to publish erotic photos, a new feature will come that will allow showing such images only to users who wish so (a setting in your profile).